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A portal into the unknown

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What is tarot?

Tarot is usually referred to as a kind of divination using specific cards. There are 72 cards in a typical divination deck, and many alternate decks have different numerical counts. Tarot originated as a non-spiritual card game in Italy hundreds of years ago. People in general no longer play the game as it was originally played but in modern times it became used as a tool for divination. There are many types of Tarot decks used today, and some practitioners even use a common deck of cards for readings.

Divination of all forms are found in all cultures across the world for hundreds of years. Other forms of divination aside from Tarot are scrying, reading tea leaves, reading nature symbols, dream and hypnosis analysis, and astral projection.

Is it safe?

In some religious doctrines divination is frowned upon. I believe this is because there sometimes a risk of "interference" and/or concerns with outcomes based on reader advise, and these should be taken with a grain of salt and in context. Tarot is safe as long as you ultimately follow your own inner guidance, trusting your na'au, or gut feelings for what is deeply true for yourself. If you are always tuned in this way to inner being, you will always receive and hear the messages that are right for you. It is important when using tarot, or any other divination tool, that you invoke only angelic beings, God, and those energies which are benevolent and to your benefit. 


The best way to receive a reading is filtered and considered through your own quiet intuition. Only you really know the truth of your life, but divination can be a helpful guide. A reading can be a way to see a particular situation from another angle, to glean additional information, or receive affirmation. It is also important always to remember we all have free will. The future, to some extent, is always unwritten. Tarot gives an excellent forecast, but like the weather, spiritual paths are never really set in stone, especially when and if you seek to change them. 

Can I book a reading?

I offer two forms of private divination readings. Personal tarot readings can be purchased on my website shop. I also do visual "photograph" readings for looking at auric fields and interpersonal connections and energies. While readings are not meant to be replacements for other professional advise, they may help you see an issue from a new angel, and feel confidence in a direction or decision. The reader is not liable for any decisions or actions made or taken as a result of information gained from the reading, and for legal purposes, a reading should be taken for entertainment purposes only.

Readings allow you to catch another view of a situation in life and tune into the spiritual messages the universe may have for you. It can be a wonderful way to connect to spirit and universal wisdom. 

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