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Working Together

I love teaching spirituality because it's like teaching one how to fish (equipt for a lifetime), rather than giving a fish today (equipped today). However, sometimes we feel drawn to certain practitioners and their energy for deeper education or perspective, so this space exists for rare one-on-one spiritual, herbalist and general consulting.

Some types of healing modalities I may suggest or create are individualized tea blends for various benefits, herbal bath blends, oil blends, "charm bags", sound and meditation healing, prayer candles, sacred jewelry, floor washes and home protection totems and practices-- Generally, what you are most drawn to is what you would most benefit from. I may also support some with dream analysis, divination tools like Tarot, Pendulum, Scrying, 'Ai Holona (Nature Signs) and Nordic Runes, and other general advise and teachings either as one-time workings or ongoing (weekly or monthly) consulting.

I only work with a small amount of people at a time and my services are diverse and tailored to the individuals needs. If you feel drawn to this page there may be something here for you. :) Please note these services are not a replacement for traditional legal, medical, or otherwise specialized advise but are meant to aid and supplement the blossoming of one's own spiritual clarity, direction, self care and intuition. If you do not have resources at this time for one-on-one services, you may enjoy free content on my Youtube station or visit The Digital Altar for free energy work and prayer services. 

Thank you to those who support this work so we may continue to expand and grow.

Services Requested

Thank you! You will be contacted if we may be a good match to work together. Please only submit 1-2 initial forms annually. To submit an immediate prayer request today, visit here. Blessings!

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