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Psychic Readings

Let's illuminate!

To submit your inquiry, please complete and submit the form below. Ask one primary question and you may include 1-3 additional questions that are directly related to the primary question of the reading (clarifying/additional questions may or may not be answered by the reader/spirit but may be helpful as a guide). When submitting this form, focus intently on the primary question you are asking. 

In some cases spirit will provide additional information that was not asked about if your guides find it pertinent.

This case is generally rare. 

Please know that readings are not always percieved to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. They are meant to be a guide and some symbols and timelines are flexible, personal will from you or others may also shift "the most likely outcome". (One of the best parts about divination! Our ability to notice where an energy is headed and change!)

Please provide 1-7 photos linked via Google Drive, Instagram or Dropbox of yourself and the people, places or things relevant to your inquiry. Please provide details about your concerns and basic information about each photo to be viewed related to the people or situation concerning you. You can expect a reply within 3-10 business days, sometimes sooner.

Thank you!

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