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When I was younger, it was so common for most practitioners to consider themselves "solo practitioners". In part, this is because of the stigma around the craft and the necessary precautions some occultists must take to protect that which is sacred. As a practitioner and teacher it is my hope to help facilitate these spaces of learning for those who wish for a more collective community. Please be sure you are an energetic match for these spaces before joining. Please also be aware forums are not heavily moderated and not all community posts reflect the opinions or views of Pohina Apothecary. These spaces are to help bring like minded practitioners together in unified prayer and collective wisdom.

Image by Altınay Dinç
Image by Dan Farrell

Beginners Craft

A "baby witch" forum for new practitioners seeking education from a collective body. Those who wish to learn and those who wish to teach are welcome here. Please be open to both :)

Sabbaths Club

A collective prayer circle for those who observe the Witches Sabbaths 8x a year. This is a space for those who wish to join in collective prayer for the earth and all living beings to live in health, balance and restorative justice.

Image by freestocks
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