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Welcome to Pohina Apothecary

Hi, welcome to Pohina Apothecary, a spirituality, divination and herbalism space. At Pohina Apothecary, our primary focus is on re-connection with the earth, and re-attunement to spiritual source and the natural cycles of the cosmos. Here, we work to center and ground ourselves in the wisdom of our ancestors and surrounding natural spaces.


In our modern age of 24/7 electricity and destabilized climate, I believe we are entering an era where some of us are called to reconnect with the larger cycles of time as they appear in more physical form. Other calendars, or indications of time like the seven day week exist on a modern plane of consciousness, often tied to work we do indoors, detached from emotional connection to our wider ecosystems. Many sleep cycles are disrupted by bright lights late at night, and a lack of exposure to natural sunlight during the day.

When we reconnect with the Earths natural cycles, not just the M-F, 9-5 timeline which has been imposed like a similarly artificial grid, I believe we honor our ancestors who knew intimately where our food came from, who felt the sun on their backs every morning, who touched the earth every day. These reminders of our natural sun and moon cycles provide an ancient road map of thousands of years of technology from those who could feed themselves seed to table, and those who lived in greater harmony with the Earth.

The 8 European Sabbats based on the sun, and the 13-Moons tracked for harvest for cultures along the equator, provided an almanac of time that allowed our ancestors to know the Earth in an intimate way in order to feed and maintain our communities. Please join me in this space if you are like minded, a seeker, someone seeking to help the Earth by re-balancing, healing, and loving yourself first. We are all brought to this place with a special purpose to thrive, to help and heal ourselves as much as others.

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The highest in me honors the highest in you.

~Pohina Apothecary

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